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ABC of Breast Diseases
4th Edition
by J. Michael Dixon
Paperback Book (168 Pages)
September 2012
The ABC of Breast Diseases provides comprehensive guidance to the assessment of symptoms, and how to manage all common breast conditions and provides guidelines on referral. It covers congenital problems, breast infection and mastalgia, before addressing the epidemiology, prevention, screening and diagnosis of breast cancer. It outlines the treatment and management options for breast cancer within different groups and includes new chapters on the genetics, prevention, management of high risk women and the psychological aspects of breast diseases.

Edited and written by internationally renowned experts in the field and highly illustrated in full colour, this fourth edition remains a practical guide for general practitioners, family physicians, practice nurses and breast care nurses as well as for surgeons and oncologists both in training and recently qualified as well as medical students.

1 Symptoms, assessment, and guidelines for referral
Michael Dixon and Jeremy Thomas

2 Congenital problems and aberrations of normal development and involution
Michael Dixon and Jeremy Thomas

3 Mastalgia
Michael Dixon and Julie Iddon

4 Breast infection
Michael Dixon

5 Breast cancer – epidemiology, risk factors and genetics
Jack Cuzick, Gareth Evans and Michael Dixon

6 Prevention of Breast Cancer
Ivana Sestak, Jack Cuzick, Gareth Evans, Ava Kwong

7 Screening for breast cancer
A R M Wilson

8 Breast cancer
Michael Dixon

9 Management of regional nodes in breast cancer
Nigel Bundred and Michael Dixon

10 Breast cancer: treatment of elderly patients and uncommon conditions
Michael Dixon

11 Role of systemic treatment of primary operable breast cancer
Ian Smith

12 Locally advanced breast cancer
Robert Leonard and Michael Dixon

13 Metastatic breast cancer
Robert Leonard and Michael Dixon

14 Prognostic factors
Alastair M Thompson and Sarah Pinder

15 Psychological aspects
Belinda Hacking

16 Carcinoma in situ and patients at high risk of breast cancer
Nigel Bundred

17 Breast Reconstruction
Cameron Raine and EM Weiler-Mithoff

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