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Cancer Management With Chinese Medicine
by Rencun Yu, Hai Hong
Hardback Book (224 Pages)
February 2012
Significant advances made by Western medicine in the treatment of cancer are well-documented, but little has been written in English on complementary holistic treatment with Chinese medical methods that manage its symptoms and ameliorate the side effects of surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. This book explains the complementary approach using cases from the medical files of Professor Rencun Yu, who was trained in Western medical oncology but also practices Chinese medicine. In addition, introductory chapters explain the basic principles of Chinese medicine, while other chapters cover the prevention of cancers through appropriate nutrition and living habits. The book should command the attention of medical professionals as well as the layperson interested in preventing and understanding the illness.

There is no equivalent book in English that so skillfully combines an introduction to Chinese medical principles and cancer management for the general reader with detailed clinical studies of the crucial complementary role played by Chinese medicine in Western treatments for cancer patients.
•Principles of Diagnosis and Therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine
•Herbs and Prescriptions for Therapy
•Cancer Prevention and Treatment Using TCM
•Major Forms of Cancer and Case Studies
•Diet, Exercise and Health Cultivation
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