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Diabetes and Kidney Disease
by Gunter Wolf (Editor)
Hardback Book (276 Pages)
January 2013
Diabetes and the Kidney provides endocrinologists and nephrologists of all levels with expert clinical diagnosis and management guidance for this extremely common diabetic complication.

Practical and accessible, chapters contain text features such as case histories, potential pitfall boxes, key points, management algorithms, and useful weblinks to fully engage the reader and provide expert guidance to help clinicians best manage their patients. In addition, all relevant international society guidelines and recommendations are fully included.

After an initial analysis of the epidemiology and pathogenesis of kidney complications in diabetes, it quickly moves on to the following core sections:

• Special Situations, Risk factors and Complications - examining diabetic nephropathy in relation to each other diabetic complication, ie cardiovascular disease
• Prevention and Therapy - focusing on the most up to date information regarding prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management of kidney disease in diabetes.

Expertly edited, and with contributions from an experienced international team, Diabetes and Kidney Disease will be the perfect tool to consult when managing diabetic patients with associated kidney problems.
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Part I: Introduction and Pathophysiology

1 History of diabetic nephropathy: a personal account
Eberhard Ritz

2 Chronic kidney disease in diabetes: A worldwide endemie?!
Andrea Icks and Michael Koch

3 Genetic risk factors for diabetic nephropathy
Carsten A. Böger and Peter R. Mertens

4 Pathophysiology of diabetic nephropathy
Ivonne Loeffler

5 Histology of human diabetic nephropathy
Kerstin Amann and Christoph Daniel

6 Natural History and Diagnosis of Diabetic Kidney Disease
Bethany Karl and Kumar Sharma

Part II: Special Situations, Risk factors and Complications

7 Cardiovascular disease in diabetic nephropathy pathophysiology and treatment
Martin Busch

8 Statin therapy in patients with diabetic nephropathy
Christoph Wanner

9 Diabetes Mellitus, Bone and Kidney
Thomas Neumann and Gabriele Lehmann

10 Diabetes, pregnancy and the kidney
Helmut Kleinwechter, Ute Schäfer-Graf

11 Diabetic nephropathy in children
Kai D Nüsken and Jörg Dötsch

12 Diabetes, the kidney, and retinopathy
Hans-Peter Hammes

Part III: Prevention and Therapy

13 Reducing progression of diabetic nephropathy by antihyperglycemic treatment
Christoph Hasslacher

14 Dosage of antihyperglycemic drugs in patients with renal insufficiency
Alexander Sämann and Ulrich A. Müller

15 Reducing progression of diabetic nephropathy by antihypertensive treatment
Anita Hansen, Ivo Quack and Lars Christian Rump

16 Treatment of the patient with endstage diabetic nephropathy
Muriel Ghosn, and Fuad N Ziyadeh

17 Combined pancreas and kidney transplantation or kidney alone transplantation for patients with diabetic nephropathy
Hermann J. Kissler, Christiane Rüster, Utz Settmacher

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