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Cirrhosis: A Practical Guide to Management
by Samuel S. Lee, Richard Moreau
Book (352 Pages)
March 2015

Cirrhosis: a practical guide to management provides gastroenterologists and hepatologists with an up-to-date clinical guide presenting the very best evidence-based practice in the diagnosis, treatment and management of liver cirrhosis and its many complications. Designed to offer practical guidance at all times, it provides doctors with an extremely useful tool in the clinical setting, with each chapter featuring diagnostic/management algorithms, key points and other pedagogic features.

Divided into 2 parts, a diagnosis and pathophysiology section and a management of complications section, key topics include:

- Diagnostic laboratory tests
- Diagnostic imaging modalities
- Acute-on chronic liver failure
- Agents and drugs to avoid
- End stage liver failure: liver transplant evaluation
- Hepatocellular carcinoma

Aimed at the specialist, as well as the practicing trainee at the top-end of specialty training, the emphasis throughout is on providing optimum clinical management guidance most relevant to practicing hepatologists and gastroenterologists, and is an invaluable guide to this increasingly common condition.

Table of Contents

List of contributors vii

Foreword xi

List of abbreviations xiii

Part 1: Diagnosis and pathophysiology

1 Clinical clues to the diagnosis of cirrhosis 3
Y.K. Chawla and Vijay Bodh

2 Diagnostic laboratory tests 12
Ying-Ying Yang and Han-Chieh Lin

3 Diagnostic imaging modalities 21
Soon Koo Baik Moon Young Kim and Woo Kyoung Jeong

4 Histology/pathology 35
Valérie Paradis

5 Fibrosis and fibrogenesis 46
Namiki Izumi Nobuharu Tamaki Yasuhiro Asahina and Masayuki Kurosaki

6 Non-invasive diagnosis tests 53
Laurent Castera

7 Evaluating prognosis 63
Sumeet K. Asrani and Patrick S. Kamath

8 End-stage liver failure: liver transplant evaluation 75
Sebastián Marciano and Adrián Gadano

Part 2: Complications of cirrhosis

9 Acute-on-chronic liver failure 87
Danielle Adebayo Vincenzo Morabito and Rajiv Jalan

10 Hepatocellular carcinoma 94
Kwang-Hyub Han and Do Young Kim

11 Hepatic encephalopathy 105
Piero Amodio

12 Malnutrition and nutritional support 124
Jian-Gao Fan and Hai-Xia Cao

13 Varices portal hypertensive gastropathy and GAVE 137
Isabelle Colle Xavier Verhelst Anja Geerts and Hans Van Vlierberghe

14 Ascites 151
Andrés Cárdenas Isabel Graupera and Pere Ginès

15 Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis and other infections 164
Thierry Gustot and Richard Moreau

16 Hepatorenal syndrome and acute kidney injury 175
Florence Wong

17 The hepatopulmonary syndrome 189
Moises Ilan Nevah Rubin and Michael B. Fallon

18 Hyponatremia and other electrolyte/ion disorders 199
Salvatore Piano Filippo Morando and Paolo Angeli

19 Portopulmonary hypertension 212
Rodrigo Cartin-Ceba and Michael J. Krowka

20 Cirrhotic cardiomyopathy 225
Hongqun Liu and Samuel S. Lee

21 Adrenal insufficiency 236
Emily Dannhorn and James O’Beirne

22 Coagulopathy and clotting disorders 249
Marco Senzolo and A.K. Burroughs

23 Agents and drugs: precautions in patients with cirrhosis 261
Felix Stickel

24 Changing outcomes with antiviral or antifibrotic therapies 274
Gamal Esmat and Maissa El Raziky

25 Bone disorders 283
Jane Collier

26 Pruritus 291
Nora V. Bergasa

27 Quality of life and symptom management 301
Ayman A. Abdo and Faisal M. Sanai

28 Special considerations in children 311
Alejandro Costaguta and Fernando Alvarez

Index 323
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