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ABC of Dementia
by Bernard Coope, Felicity Richards
ABC series
Book (74 Pages)
May 2014

ABC of Dementia is a practical guide to help healthcare professionals develop knowledge, skills, confidence and an understanding of dementia, in order to support those with dementia to live well.

It begins with the cognitive disabilities and underlying brain diseases that define dementia, before moving on to diagnostic assessment and early intervention for dementia.

There is a focus on the experience of the person with dementia and their families, highlighting the journey from diagnosis to end of life, including the role of person-centred care, and the limited therapeutic options available.

Separate chapters address dementia in acute hospital settings, primary care, and care for those with the most severe challenges, as well as the specific needs of younger people developing dementia.

The ethical and legal context of dementia care is also outlined.

From a multidisciplinary author team, ABC of Dementia is a valuable resource for general practitioners, family physicians and other health care professionals caring for patients with dementia and related disorders.

It is also relevant for geriatricians, psychologists, specialist and practice nurses, and nursing home staff.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors, vii

Introduction–A Call to Action, ix

1 Dementia in the UK, 1 Bernard Coope

2 Causes of Dementia, 5 Georgios Theodoulou

3 Assessment, 10 Bernard Coope and Felicity A. Richards

4 Early Intervention for Dementia, 14 Bernard Coope and Tanya Jacobs

5 Drug Treatment, 18 Solmaz Sadaghiani

6 Dementia and Families, 22 Jenny La Fontaine

7 Person-Centred Care, 26 Dawn Brooker

8 Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD), 31 Dhanjeev Marrie and Sally Williams

9 Dementia in Younger People, 37 Peter Bentham

10 Dementia in Primary Care, 42 Simon Rumley

11 Dementia in the Acute Hospital, 47 Elizabeth Ward, Daryl L. Leung and Georgios Theodoulou

12 Dementia and the Law, 51 Felicity A. Richards and Jelena Jankovic

13 End-of-Life Care in Dementia, 56 Kay de Vries

Index, 61
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