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Rheumatology Board Review
by Karen Law, Aliza Lipson
Book (224 Pages)
July 2015

The field encompassed by rheumatology has evolved rapidly over the last decade to include multiple immune-modulating and biologic medications, new classification criteria, significant updates on bone metabolism, and completely new paradigms of treatment based on groundbreaking studies published within the last 5 years. Although much has been adopted as standard of care based on new data, most textbooks do not reflect these practice changes.

Rheumatology Board Review highlights the latest advances in the field and new standards of care, including references to current citations in the medical literature. It provides international standards and guidelines and is designed to convey a maximum amount of information quickly and efficiently, with many helpful schematics, radiographs, and tables.

Rheumatology Board Review offers chapter coverage of:

• Non-inflammatory joint and soft tissue disorders
• Selected topics in rheumatoid arthritis
• Selected topics in systemic lupus erythematosus
• Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome
• IgG4-related disease
• Myopathies
• Selected topics in pediatric rheumatology
• HIV and rheumatic diseases
• Miscellaneous arthropathies
• Osteoporosis
• Review of musculoskeletal radiology
• Study design, measurement, and basic statistical analysis
• Update on vasculitis

Rheumatology Board Review is a must-have reference for rheumatology fellows and professionals seeking a concise yet thorough review of state-of-the-art rheumatology.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors, vii

Preface, ix

1 Non-inflammatory joint and soft tissue disorders, 1
Laura Paxton, Schartess Culpepper-Pace, Karen Law

2 Selected topics in rheumatoid arthritis, 27
Athan Tiliakos, Karen Law, Aliza Lipson

3 Selected topics in systemic lupus erythematosus: B cells in lupus and lupus nephritis, 39
Iñaki Sanz, S. Sam Lim

4 Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, 55
Cristina Drenkard

5 IgG4-related disease, 65
Arezou Khosroshahi

6 Myopathies, 77
Aliza Lipson

7 Selected topics in pediatric rheumatology, 91
Sampath Prahalad, Sheila Angeles-Han, Kelly A. Rouster-Stevens, Larry Vogler

8 HIV and rheumatic diseases, 129
Karen Law

9 Miscellaneous arthropathies, 137
Robin Geletka, Karen Law

10 Osteoporosis, 149
Karen Law

11 Review of musculoskeletal radiology, 157
John Payan, Gnanesh Patel, Karen Law

12 Study design, measurement, and basic statistical analysis, 183
Sheila Angeles-Han, Courtney McCracken

13 Update on vasculitis, 193
Karen Law

Index, 201

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