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Essential Human Development
by Samuel Webster, Geraint Morris, Euan Kevelighan
Book (496 Pages)
March 2018

As our understanding of the human body broadens, so does the need for a comprehensive text that encompasses all aspects of human development. Essential Human Development is a great course companion that focuses on the human life cycle, ideal for the undergraduate student new to these fields, or for qualified practitioners looking for a reference guide.

Featuring key information points and self-test assessments in each chapter, the book is organised in an accessible manner, beginning with fertilisation and embryology, then moving on to obstetric medicine, neonatal care and child health, with the final section exploring gynaecological medicine.

Ensuring that information is placed in context to aid understanding, Essential Human Development is the perfect support for the modern medical school curriculum, as well as a vital reminder of the core information needed whilst on a women or child health clinical placement.
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Part 1: Fertilisation

1 Principles of development
Sam Webster

2 The female reproductive system
Sam Webster

3 The male reproductive system
Sam Webster

4 Fertilisation
Sam Webster

5 Embryology: zygote to blastocyst
Sam Webster

6 Embryonic stem cells
Sam Webster

Part 2: Pregnancy

7 Embryology
Sam Webster

8 Physiology of pregnancy
Sam Webster

9 Antenatal care
Marion Beard

10 Antenatal screening and prenatal diagnosis
Alan Treharne and Marsham Moselhi

11 Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy
Sharif Ismail

12 Diseases in pregnancy I
Alan Treharne and Cerys Scarr

13 Diseases in pregnancy II
Alan Treharne, Cerys Scarr and Alexandra Komarzyniec-Pyzik

14 Multiple pregnancy and other antenatal complications
Marion Beard

15 Problems in late pregnancy
Deepa Balachandran Nair

16 Fetal growth and tests of fetal wellbeing
M. Deshpande

17 The eye in pregnancy and the newborn
Colm McAlinden

Part 3: Birth

18 Normal labour
Euan Kevelighan

19 Abnormal labour
Franz Majoko

20 The Puerperium
Fran Hodge

21 Obstetric emergencies
Benjamin Chisholme and Euan Kevelighan

Part 4: Neonatology

22 Newborn resuscitation and newborn examination
Nitin Goel and J Evans

23 Normal infants, growth, jaundice and maternal diabetes
Geraint Morris

24 The preterm infant
Nitin Goel

25 Congenital and and perinatal infection
Ian Morris

Part 5: Childhood and adolescence

26 History and examination in childhood
Shabeena Hayat and Geraint Morris

27 Normal growth and development milestones
Bethan Williams

28 Developmental delay
Bethan Williams

29 Genetics
Dana Beasley

30 Neurodevelopmental disorders
Surekha Tuohy

31 Puberty
Christopher Bidder

32 Non-accidental injury and neglect
Catrin Simpson

33 Neurological problems
Cathy White

34 Infections and immunodeficiency
P Vallabhaneni

35 Haematology and oncology
P Vallabhaneni

36 Congential and acquired heart disease
Geraint Morris

37 Metabolic and endocrine disorders
Shabeena Hayat

38 Respiratory problems
Toni Williams

39 Gastroenterology, nutrition and faltering growth
Lakshmipriya Selvarajan

40 Renal and urinary problems
Dana Beasley

41 Dermatology
Rebecca Balfour

42 Rheumatology and orthopaedics
Rebecca Balfour

43 Paediatric Surgery
Toni Williams

44 Paediatric Pharmacology
Lakshmipriya Selvarajan

Part 6: Gynaecology

45 Problems in early pregnancy
Manju Nair

46 Subfertility
Gurpreet Singh Kalra

47 Vaginal discharge, pelvic pain and endometriosis
Aisling Carroll-Downey and Euan Kevelighan

48 Termination of pregnancy
Sophie Walker and Jen Davies

49 Contraception
Ruth Frazer

50 Obstetric and gynaecological operations
Nisha Kadwadkar and Euan Kevelighan

51 The menopause
Kinza Younas

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